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High quality wood flooring in office reception

Wood Strip / Block / Parquet

Timber floors offer durability, ease of maintenance and stylish appearance; they can be installed in a wide variety of locations, including offices, shops, hotels, restaurants, and sports floors.

There are two main types of timber floors Multi Layer and Solid.

Multi layer products are a three or four layer construction and are generally installed as a floating floor, the boards lock into each other and are otherwise not connected to any part of the subfloor, this is to allow for expansion movement. This is installed over an underlay which 'cushions' the wood and softens impact noise from the surface.

All the Multi Layered 'Engineered Boards' are pre finished in either lacquer or oil and can be sanded and resealed up to 4 times.

Solid floors are tongue and grooved and are either glued or secret nailed to affix the timber onto 3/4 inch battens, the overall thickness of the timber boards is usually 20 mm, with the wear layer normally between 6-8mm.

When installing a timber floor an expansion gap is required at the perimeter of the room, to allow for movement within the floor. In order to cloak this gap skirting boards should be removed prior to installation, or a beading can be installed to existing skirtings.

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